Frittata Sandwich 6
(egg, basil, tomato) on fresh bread
+ asiago cheese +1
+ prosciutto +2
+ mama lil’s peppers +1

Butterscotch Budino 9.50

Ricotta Cheesecake 5.50

Almond Cake GF+DF 3.75
Assortment of Daily Pastries at Counter

PIZZA BIANCA slice/half/whole
Baked fresh from our oven every morning

Rosemary+Sea Salt 2/4.5/9

Rhubarb+Dried Cherry 3/5.5/11

Olive 5.5/11

Soup & Salad

Cooperativa Salad 10
tricolore greens, croutons, parmesan, anchovy-parmesan dressing

Tuna Conserva Salad 14
olive oil poached tuna, heirloom farm beans, veg

Insalata di Sedano 12
pickled+fresh vegetables, celery, lemon dressing

Italian Pasta Salad 12
cooperativa classic!


Prosciutto, mozzarella, arugula 12

Mortadella, pickled mustard seeds 12

Salumi, artichoke, creamy pecorino 12

Roasted Pepper Caprese, tomato pesto 12


Currently Only Available Friday + Saturday

Ricotta Ravioli 13
fresh pasta, ricotta, passata sauce basil pecorino butter

Lemon Farfalle 14
fresh pasta, spring peas, prosciutto cotto, lemon olive oil
+ add morels! +4

Paccheri all’ Amatriciana 15
tomato sauce, red onion, pancetta, peppers, fried capers, butter

Tagliatelle alla Bolognese 15
fresh pasta, parmesan, tradition, house favorite, lovingly made

Tonarelli & Clams 17
squid ink spaghetti, chorizo, clams, parmesan, black truffle oil

Pizza al Taglio

Roman Style Pizza by the Slice. Wild yeast, local organic flour

Rossa 4.25
classic san marzano sauce, garlic, oregano

Margherita 5.50
classic san marzano sauce, mozzarella, basil

Patate 6
yukon gold potato, rosemary, sea salt

Il Fungo 7.75
wild mushrooms, garlic oil, sea salt

Cacio e Pepe 7.50
rich cheeses, black pepper

Salumi 7.50
salumi, taleggio, parmesan, pecorino

Carne Bianca 7.50
cream, red onion, sausage, arugula

Asparagus 6.50
citrus salami, sweet onion, spring asparagus, parmesan

The Bar at Cooperativa

Cooperativa Negroni 13
aria gin, aperativo, vermouth, our take on the classic formula of gin, bitter and vermouth

Cappelletti Spritz 10
cappelletti, prosecco, served with an orange peel and olive, classic, delicious and refreshing, house favorite

Sophia Loren 13
blanco tequila, campari, grapefruit, lime, ginger, fresh, spicy, exciting, just like Ms. Loren

Milano Mule 13
local vodka, ciociaro amaro, citrus blossom, chinotto soda, proof that amaro belongs in a mule

Beers on Draft

Rosenstadt Cooperativa Pilsner 7

Ex Novo IPA 7

Mt. Tabor Crown Porter 7

Wines By The Glass

Pinot Gris 10
Compton Family Wines

Rose 14
Nebbiolo-Apolloni Vineyards 14

Momentum Red 12
Cor Cellars Blend



We are thrilled to open the doors of Cooperativa to you, our community, in 2020. This project was born out of a passion and desire to share our love of food and people.

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