We are a woman-owned, modern marketplace, food hall & bar shedding the norms of a traditional restaurant in favor of something more viable, creative & resilient.

Cooperativa is inspired by a beautiful and enduring tradition: the old Italian marketplace. For hundreds of years this model has maintained a gastronomic ecosystem in which farmers and artisanal producers can carry on for generations.

Our focus on joyful collaboration creates a dynamic relationship between our vendor partners, each of them benefiting from the presence of the others…and you.

At Cooperativa, dinner for two supports eight local businesses and has community interwoven from seed to plate.

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Sarah Schafer
Chef & Co-Owner

Lynette Baxter
General Manager

Anna Caporael


With our founding membership opportunity, we are unifying our central ethos of community & how we raise capital.

Our founding members play a pivotal part in our goal to redefine the future of food; and to employ, empower and embrace the people who make it possible.

Our 8 vendor partners:

Pinolo Gelato – Tails & Trotters – Coy & Co. – Evans Family Farm – Sparrowhawk Farm – Spella Coffee – Real Good Foods – Cowbell Cheese

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